Pivoting From a Singing Artist to Performance Coach with Keanna Henson “KJ Rose”

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Podcast

A person who sees obstacles as set-backs or a person who sees it as a necessary route to get to where God set you to be, which one are you? How do you treat your obstacles, set-backs, delays? How do you see beyond a devastating incident? How do you succeed in your life? 

This episode’s podcast features Keanna Henson “KJ Rose”. KJ Rose is a Grammy Award Winning Artist Development and Performance Expert who is affectionately known as the “Talent Whisperer.” She has spent over 15 years in the music industry performing with P. Diddy, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and several other stars while navigating corporate America as a professional at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, J Records (for Clive Davis),  and Sundance TV. The culmination of these experiences shaped KJ’s fervor for pushing performers, actors, singers, executives and artists of all disciplines beyond their perceived capacity. She is a performance coach to LIL Nas X.  She is also a newly published author of “ The Rose Effect: Eight Steps To Delivering The Performance of Your Life” 

She shares a lot of her experiences that are not only relatable, but are also essential for any audience to understand how she was able to turn everything into a huge rolling ball of success. 

With Rose as her middle name and the name she prefers to be called, she intends to spread wisdom to her clients and for any person who aspires to be successful or just simply to look at life in a more positive way. Her high energy radiates from everything that she does and so expect this podcast to inspire you and get you to your feet to start if you haven’t yet started, and keep you on your feet when you feel like you need to reassess yourself. 

Having pivoted from solo artist to performance coach,  KJ Rose doesn’t consider herself a quitter. Neither did she downgrade herself by this pivot but her versatility to fuse both career experiences to give her best is truly inspiring.

Tune in to be refilled and refueled. Learn how KJ Rose made it to her finish line and how you can too.

Listen. Learn. Be transformed. Succeed! 

Episode Highlights:

  • What inspired KJ Rose to write her book
  • How was the process of becoming an author when it was a completely new lane 
  • What KJ Rose experiences are as a background, and  solo artist
  • What other experiences KJ Rose had working in the music industry
  • The importance of showing up
  • Her experiences working with Heavy D and Clive Davies
  • The importance of understanding that background singing isn’t all about you
  • How professionalism and keeping abreast helped her stay humble
  • Why one should recover quicker from a disappointment
  • How to win against the Impostor Syndrome 
  • How she got over stage fright
  • What snake pit or emotional pit is and how to fight it
  • Her moving from New York to Los Angeles
  • The significance of her name Rose
  • How much her grandfather meant to her
  • A Better Way, the single “ How God can redeem time and take something we disquality as old and make it new again”
  • How God worked in her life
  • Her pivot from solo artist to performance coach
  • The challenges of the pivot
  • Some verses she avidly believes in
  • Some beautiful reminders to becoming the person you were meant to be

Video that captures a portion of KJ Rose’s journey ~ from Artist ~ to Coach ~ to Author

Connect with  KJ Rose

Keanna “KJ Rose” Henson

Author of The Rose Effect

Grammy Award Winning

Get a copy of KJ Rose’s book 👉🏾 here

Artist Development & Performance Expert

Website: roseeffect.com

For general inquiries or to book a coaching session with TheRoseEffect, email: contact@kjrose.com



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