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by | Jan 20, 2021 | Podcast

Today’s episode we’re graced by the presence of my  friend, Soror, Ism  Candice Lenoir. She’s spent her recent years building an impressive resume in the film industry. She recently authored a book called “Being Number One” which we will  talk about in today’s episode. On top of all this, she’s a budding motivational speaker with her beliefs deeply rooted in standing in your own power and living your truth.

Listen as we discuss the meaning of purpose. How we can discover it, and its major role in our lives from the moment we are born to the course we chart later on in our lives. Candice shares with us her own personal story of struggles– from a broken family to how she overcame all these hurdles to become the woman she is today.

Episode Highlights:

  • The inspiration behind writing her first book
  • The fascinating writing process of her book
  • The hardships of being an open book for people
  • The meaning of purpose and how do you find it
  • Her difficult childhood and relationship with her mother
  • Her teenage years living with an all girl home with her grandmother, sisters and cousins
  • How she developed her interest in the arts
  • Her start in the theater and film industry
  • Your Path Scholarship for African-American students who want to pursue the arts: theater, film, TV, dance, or music

About our Guest:

Born in Chicago, IL and a graduate of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Candice also boasts a minor in Theatre and two years under the William Esper Studio acting program in New York City. Following eighteen years of her career spent in sales and marketing, she made the decision to follow her dreams and moved to Los Angeles. Her resume consists of an array of short and feature films. Her work behind the camera consists of “Dating & Waiting,” which was the first film Candice wrote, produced and starred in and has proven to be a fan favorite at multiple festivals. It has won for Best Comedic Screenwriting at the 10th Annual Festival Angelica in Big Bear. Within the last year, Candice has been honing her skills as a producer, writer and director. Attracted to stories that tell people’s truths and rooted in realness, her latest short “The Moment” is a look into some of the stories you will see come from her production company, Your Path Productions. As an actress, Candice has completed over 30 independent short and feature films to date. Most notable is the film “Hey Diddle Diddle” in addition to the web-series “12 Steps to Recovery.” Aside from working in front of the camera, Candice has line produced and served as an assistant director for multiple projects.

Candice Quotes:

  • “And even now with your podcast, it’s a form of helping other people.”
  • “There was no room for failure”
  • “You’re the big sister, show them the way”
  • “Families stick together”
  • “Don’t seek validation from the outside, validate yourself, give yourself that permission to move forward”
  • “In life you have obstacles, but it doesn’t last forever”

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