One of My Favorite Ways to Cross Train

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So I am still on the injured reserve list. I am working my way back to recovery. I actually ran a few minutes on National Running Day without any pain. Cross training is boring to me. I so wish I could run. Although I am glad summer is near, I do miss one of my favorite ways to cross train. Down hill skiing is so much fun. I only wish that I could do it more often. I usually ski four days per year. This year I was able to ski six days.

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Each year in late February, early March a group of ski clubs from all over the nation convenes for a ski summit.  National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS) is the name of the group that I ski with.  (NBS) purpose is to to identify, develop and support athletes of color who will WIN International Olympic winter sports competitions representing the United States and to increase participation in Winter Sports.20150225_115839


We travel to the best ski resorts in the USA, and Canada. We ski in the morning; there are happy hours in the afternoon, and parties at night. Dancing at happy hours, and skiing provides amply opportunity for cross training. I actually lost weight this pass year. The event starts on a Saturday. Saturday is the Welcome Party. It is always great to see everyone. There are some people I only see at the Summit. Sunday is usually a rest day for me. Many mountains have high altitudes, and it often take time to get accumulated. There is a parade and an opening ceremony on Sunday.  Monday morning I hit the slopes. I usually take a lesson. It is always a treat to plow down the mountain making my turns. Tuesday, and Wednesday are more of the same. Each year we also have theme happy hours: Mardi Gras is always a favorite one.

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This pass year I decided to race for the first time. I was so nervous. I ski to get down the hill, I don’t necessary need speed, unlike a few of my friends. The race course has flags, and the goal is to turn right before the flag, stay upright, and get down the course as fast as possible. My goal was to stay upright and make it down the hill. I did accomplish my goal. Next year I will have higher aspirations.Scan 4


I have been skiing since 1998, but as I mentioned I only go once a year. I also took a hiatus when I was a surgical resident, and my first year of medical practice. I ski well, and hardly ever fall. My first three trips, I fell so much it was ridiculous. This past year I decide to ski with some of my friends who are more advance. In order to improve in something, one must be challenged. It is the same scenario with running. So I ski with about eight people who are way better than me. I try to keep up. At first I was doing well. One of my friends waits for me, since he was the one who invited me. I start to get tired. Fatigue and skiing do not go well together. I am heading down the mountain, I loss my balance on a turn. I do not fall initially. I start jetting down the head back first. I finally fall, but I continue to roll down the hill, head first. I am freaking out. I start to scream. I think oh no, “What if I injure my knee, what if I can’t run, oh my good” I finally stop rolling, and a group of skiers says she must be ok she is laughing. After I stop, and realize I am okay, I start to laugh. My friend skis down with my pole that I lost. He tells me to take off my skis. I say no, it can be hard to get them back on. I prefer to just stand up when I fall so I am ready to go again. Depending on the incline of the hill, it can be difficult to get up. He ignores me and pops off my ski, scoops me up and helps me get back on them. We ski down and meet the rest of the group. I make it down the hill in one piece. We fall down, but we get up is the moral of my little story. I am down in regarding to running, but I will get back up. I have races to run.


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