Are You Settling

Are You Settling



I was recently listening to a podcast James Miller Lifeology I will be an upcoming guest on his show, and wanted to listen to the format beforehand. He said the  above quote, and I thought about my life.

Was this me, I am constantly in evaluating myself.  So I did a recap of 2017, to see where I was.  Was I staying where I was tolerated- not just in relationships, but in all areas of my life

  1.  So at the beginning of the year I started the process of letting of a relationship that was no longer good for me. I was tolerated, but not at all celebrated. At first I was, but it changed. It was a hard/long process, but I feel free now..
  2. I decided to master moguls. In the process I hurt my knee which ironically doesn’t bother me when I ski, It however, did interfere with my first love — running. That which doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. I have not mastered them, and am far from it, but I was better at the end of last ski season.
  3. After attending our annual Orthopedic meeting in San Diego, and meeting Dr. Antonio Web who was speaking about his book, Overcoming the Odds. I was inspired to return  home to finish my book. So that is what I did. I finished my books, and it was published in June, and it will be soon to be released August 7th.
  4. I am in the process of overcoming  my fear of water thanks to Maurice Wills the best swimming instructor ever. One day will be able to swim like a fish. Thank to my God son for inspiring me. Tri Life here I come.
  5. Just today, I said no to a car that was nice, and in my budget but was not me. Will wait for the right one.

Weil I am not perfect, but I am a work in progress. I will continue to strive to go where I am celebrating in every area of my life.






What is BeautiFitStrong you may ask?

It is my friend and virtual fitness trainer Audra Anusionwu’s business. In 2014 Audra developed a love for lifting weights and decided to attend the National Personal Training Institute in Philadelphia to become a Certified Personal Trainer. In addition to completing her certification Audra began training other woman to help them feel as empowered as she’d felt about changing her body. She not only trained women in the Philadelphia area she also made her services available for people like me who live many miles away.

BFS is a physical fitness and nutritional education business. In addition, its a lifestyle brand for woman and girls that focuses on fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. BFS uses social media outlets and community forums to share information about health and wellness. It encourages and empowers women to push themselves to the limit and step outside of their comfort zone in to order to have a more healthy, fit, and balanced life.

Read more about Audra’s inspiring story

Also please my die hard work out friends please listen to this video and follow Audra;s advice regarding recovery. I have learned the hard way the importance of it.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, as you know I am a runner who cycles, and is trying to master swimming. I also ski. Bottom line is I am an active women,  and several of my friends are the same.  Many of my friends go so hard whether it be running, cycling or skiing, etc but they don’t take time for weight training. Weight training is key for injury prevention. Strengthening the  core, glutes are key in the rehab and prevention of so many injuries. Personally it was for me for my Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis ,and my knee cartilage injury. I was a key component after I had arthroscopic knee surgery. So make time in the schedule for some strength training. It fun, and there are several resources such a Audra. She sends me a personalized plan which takes into account my injuries, history of previous injuries, my various activities and where I am in my training cycle.

Chicago Is  More Than What The Media Portrays- Still My Favorite City.

Chicago Is More Than What The Media Portrays- Still My Favorite City.

While the media coverage of Chicago particular the South side is usually negative, Chicago is so much more than that. While I don’t in any way minimize the murders/shootings going on in my city, there is so much more to Chicago. It has been  since I was a child, and it still is my favorite city

A prime example of great things that happen in my city is the Chosen Few House Picnic. The Chosen Few House Picnic is an annual event that has been going on over 25 years. It takes place on the South side of Chicago. I will give you a little history on the event, as I have only lived her for four years. I did actual travel to attend the event prior to moving here. I also have friends who come to town just for the event. It is that awesome

South-side DJs collective the Chosen Few,  founded by Wayne William as a high school student in 1977, played an instrumental role in popularizing  house music in Chicago during the late 70s and early 80s.  Over time, the Chosen Few DJs began to migrate away from Chicago and into other careers. So, as folks came home for the holidays Saunders one of the Chosen Few made a  suggestion that they have a party. When a Christmas party attracted a decent crowd despite the freezing cold, Williams suggested moving it to the summer, when they could play old-school music and BBQ at the same time. Kim Parham, the Chosen Few’s only official female and non-DJ member, suggested inviting friends from Chicago’s house music past. That first picnic in 1990, behind the Museum of Science and Industry, attracted 30 or 40 people. That is how is started and the rest is history.

Twenty-seven years later the House Picnic is bigger and better than ever. Last year they made it a two-day event.  People come from all over. They arrive early in the morning to set up their tents, and start their barbecue grills. My college  Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University (FAMU) always has a tent. People eat, drink, and walk around to mix and mingle. All of this to the sound of house music. There are DJs, and live performances. This has been going on for twenty-seven years without an incident. Yes,  all happening on the South Side of Chicago. So please don’t think the South side of Chicago is all bad. It is a vital part of Chicago–which will forever be my favorite city. So mark you calendar the first Saturday in July in the Chosen Few House Picnic. Hope to see you next year. I will be three, God willing.

“House Music All Night Long” and this from a non-House head

A Few Pictures Over the Years from my House Picnic Experiences- last year I even with with my boot, about a month after I had surgery.



Tri Life

Tri Life

I have a new found respect for Triathletes. I think I am in shape, because I run. But, my hat goes off to those who are in training and have completed any  triathlon especially the  Iron Man. I have been pseudo training. I say pseudo training  because my race is not until next year.  I have to get comfortable enough in the pool before I can race. My task this year is the Duathlon. I have been training a month, and I am worn out. Bike, run, and swim and be good at all three.  Not to mention working a  full time job, and taking care of a family for some.

Today I get up at 4:30 am drive 20 minutes to meet with a group to do a group bike  ride. I rode for 90 min then head home to make an appointment at 9:30 — doctor’s appointment for my yearly physical. I get caught in travel, then my car  stalled for about 5 min in the middle of the street. I was struck with people, honking at me, yelling who know what.  Those 5min felt like an hour. My car finally starts, then  I drive the rest of the way home. I then jet to my appointment with my bike gear. After my appointment I head home change and drive (while deep i prayer) to the hospital perform a surgery. My car stalks again, and again, but I made it on time. Again I pray and pray and drive to my trusted mechanic. Enterprise picks me up for a rental car so I can get around. I stuff my bike  in my economy rental to take it to bike stop so they can check my gears. This morning I was having problem changing to higher gears.  I find out that it was user error. My road bike  is like a new toy. It is so  different from my hybrid. It seems like I go to the bike store about every week to get them to look at something.   I then go to swimming class. It never fails, that once I think I mastered something, my instructors find someone to challenge me. I get ” freaked out” and drink or breathe water which “freaks me out” even more.  I head home to wash my hair and  finish paper work. Oh, by the way I forgot to mention I hit a curve in my car on the way to bike ride this morning , thought I would have a flat, then almost fell twice off my bike. The clips take a minute to get use to, and lost my group.

Ok it is allot, but I am loving it. I worked out , and slept last weekend,  I did make some time to hang out with friends but I biked to and from the event. Movement is really by life, and I would not have it another way.

“Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself” 1 Corinthians 6:19

I listen to Rick Warren’s podcast in the morning. It is part of my devotion. Last week he spoke about working with the hand we are dealt with. He mentioned the above verse. Working out, being health, is not about just looking good. Meaning it is not all about you. I took that to heart, all I do  I do for Christ, it gives me extra motivation on days like today

Be inspired, and move something. Never give up, the journey is worth it.