The Dreaded Black Line- Preseason Football Injuries

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The tease of preseason is almost over. While I love the month of August for a number of reasons, one being it is my birth month. I particularly love that August is NFL preseason. I know that the real thing is on the way. There are only a few more days until the regular season.

While preseason is fun, it is play football. It ready does not count. It truly is football foreplay. What is sad is all of the preseason injuries that have sidelined notable players such at Jordy Nelson of the Green Bay Packers, Maurkice Pouncey of the PittsburghSteelers. Also Kevin White while not a preseason injury per se, his shin pain, and resulting stress fracture did occur during organized team activities organized team activities (OTA’s). It happened prior to training camp and the four preseason games.

While I am not a true Bear fan, I do cheer for them if they are not playing one of my other teams (my love of football is quite unique or complicated)

eagles mc-video-troy-polamalu-informs-steelers-hes-retiring-according-to-published-report-20150410 NewOrleansSaintsWallpaper-1440 matt_forte_chicago_bears_running_backEagles, Steelers, Saints, and then the Bears (my teams in that order) 

Anyway I live in Bears country, and many of my good friends particularly my Sport Buddy (SB) are fans, so I follow them. It is quite unfortunate that Kevin White, the Bears’ 1st round draft pick can’t play. He was to help fill the void of Brandon Marshall, after he was traded to the New York Jets.

I knew something was wrong when “shin splints” keep him out so long. Spin splints are usually called by a condition call medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS). MTSS is an overuse injury or repetitive-stress injury of shin area which is  usually a benign condition. It can be treated with rest and rehabilitation, the recovery is usually not prolonged.

The other conditions that can cause pain of the shins include exertional compartment syndrome. Exertional compartment syndrome is a condition that occurs from repetitive loading activities. It is exercise-induced pain that is relieved by rest. In some cases, weakness and parenthesia may accompany the pain. Onset of symptoms typically occurs at a specific exercise distance or time interval or intensity level. Symptoms resolve with rest and are minimal during normal daily activities but return with a resumption of activities.

Treatment usually consists a trail of conservative care with rehabilitation. However, symptoms generally recur when the patient returns to exercise. If conservative therapy is unsuccessful, surgery is indicated. A fasciotomy is a surgical procedure that cuts away the fascia to relieve tension or pressure. The fascia is thin connective tissue covering of the muscles It varies in thickness, density, elasticity, and composition, and is different from ligaments and tendons. The surgery releases the muscles, and therefore with activities there is not an increase in pressure, and no resulting pain.

Then there is the stress fracture, the dreaded black line. It is called that because on x-ray you can often see black lines on the tibia the leg bone. It is not always visible on x-ray, and an MRI is needed for the diagnosis


A tibial stress fracture is a crack or small break in the leg bone. Stress fractures are caused by the repetitive application of force, often by overuse — such as repeatedly jumping up and down or running long distances. Stress fractures can also arise from normal use of a bone that’s is weaken. A typical tibial stress fracture will initially be felt as “shin splints” pain along the inside of the tibia. The pain usually starts out over a large area along the shin bone, and is mainly noticed after a hard training session or running, or the morning after a long or difficult workout. Treatment consists of rest, immobilization or surgery. Due to the fact that Kevin White is a professional athlete surgery was recommended. Surgical treatment consists of placing a nail to stabilize the fracture or break. CS8CS7CS6CS5CS4CS3CS-116 CS5CS4CS3CS2CS1Stick-116

Following surgery Kevin White will undergo rehab and may return to activity within six to twelve depending on Coach Fox, and the training staff. They may also decide to just wait to play him next year. Whatever they decide I wish him and the Bears well. During football season when the Bears are winning my life is better for a number of reasons. They also don’t play any of my other teams this year so that is a plus. So maybe Bear DownIMG_5361 IMG_5366.

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