Agony of Da Feet- Part III

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The saga continues. Well I have not run since Susan G. Komen 5k race on May 8, 2016. My feet have improved with the rest and active recovery. I still cycled, rode spin bike, did the elliptical machine, and did strength training four to five times a week. My strength training included exercises from home exercise program that I received from my physical therapist. The physician I saw recommended MRIs to further evaluate my feet. I had previously had a bone scan in September 2015, and was diagnosed with a stress fracture of my left foot, as mentioned in a previous blog. “Stress Fracture, the Two Words a Runner Does Not Want to Hear “I was worried that I had sustained another stress fracture due to the amount of pain I was having after my 5k run.

So my appointment today was to review my MRIs.  I had already looked at them myself and was happy I did not have another stress fracture.    What I did have was plantar bursitis of both feet, and a partial tear of left plantar fascia. What I did have was plantar fascitis, plantar bursitis of both feet, and a partial tear of left plantar fascia. I had the Peyton Manning injury.


I had both my feet injected, and it was so much better than the last time I had them injected. He also recommended tenet for my partial tear of plantar fascia. Tenex is a minimally invasive procedure for people like me who suffer from pain associated with tendon/fascia damage, such as plantar fasciitis. The Tenex procedure uses ultrasound imaging to view and remove damaged tissue. Removing the damaged tissue allows the tendon to heal properly and relieve pain.


After the procedure will be back in the boot for two weeks, and then back to running two to four weeks later. I am still praying I can do New York Marathon. “ With God Nothing Shall be Impossible is my Mantra” I hope my struggles gives someone hope to keep the faith, not give up

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