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I was doing a Facebook bucket list the other day. On of the list was the question “Have you been in love?”.  I thought yes, three times in my life. I thought about the first person I ever loved. I was in college. As I grow older, I grow wiser. I realize today that love was not real love.

A few weeks ago I was ready my daily devotion. Perfect love cast out fear“Love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear. If we are afraid, it … shows that we have not fully experienced his perfect love.” (1 John 4:18 NLT,)” Perfect love cast out fear.


In my younger years love, relationships alway scared me. The initial dates were fun. But when it came to being serious it was scary like jumping out of a plane, hoping the parachute will work. As I read the verse and the devotion I thought thank God for freedom. I always  longed to be close to someone, but had the fear in the back of my mind that reared its head as jealousy, and insecurity.

See it is impossible to love, get close to someone if there is fear. As I grow older, I grow wiser thanks to wise counsel. The word of God is truly a path to life. The key to love, the key to conquering FEAR is to get the focus off of yourself and focus on the object of your love. It gives you power to be free. How can you do this you ask? What if I love so much and get hurt? Give your heart to God. Realize how much God loves you. No earthly person can fill that void. God frees you to love others fearlessly. At the end of the day God has your back, and if things don’t work out. Say you get hurt, you won’t have any regrets and your heart will be open to receive the one God intended for you.

Why this was on my heart not sure, pray it blesses someone.


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