The Agony of Da Feet

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So I had my Tenex procedure on my foot a little over a month ago,  ( The procedure itself was not bad. I had light anesthesia. I was awake, but had no recollection of the events. Afterwards I felt like I was a little drunk. I went home and slept for hours, and then I was bored. I am not use to sitting down for prolonged periods of time.

I choose to get a knee walker

so I could go to work the following day. It is a scooter of sorts. It was actually fun to ride, except on uneven terrain. I became an expert in Uber, Uber pool, and Lyft. If you aren’t aware these are car services that utilize an app verus hailing or calling a cab. I could not drive as I have a stick shift, and it was my left foot. Using crutches would have been too much for me. So I used the car services to go to work, go to church, and bombed rides here and there. I wheeled my way into the hospital, in and out of patients’ room. I even did a small surgery. It was one in which I could sit. Patients would often asked me what was wrong with my foot. I wanted them to concentrate on why they came to see me, and not ask about me. I knew they were only concerned, but it was a minor distraction. I also missed a few social engagements. Critical Mass which is a bike ride in the city. I missed Patti LaBelle concert because I did not want to ride the train with my scooter, a friend’s birthday party at a club. I had the scooter for about three weeks. I wore the boot for almost four weeks. After the first two weeks I started to walk with my boot on at home and then I progressed to walking at work, and other events. I had some pain when I walked too much. I progressed to walking with the boot, without using scooter around week three. I only used the scooter when I had a long way to walk meaning many blocks. Week four I totally weaned myself out of the boot.

Now I am out of the boot, I am back at the gym, but I still can’t run. I can run when I can walk pain free. I still have pain when I walk a long distance, and when I do too much at the gym. I am praying that in 1-2 weeks I will be back on the pavement.

I was listening to the ESPYS which is a sports award show which also raises money for the Jimmy V Foundation. Jimmy Valvano died of cancer in 1993. He started a foundation for cancer research the same year. He famous speech “ Don’t Ever Give Up”


What I take away from it is savor every day. Laugh, think and be moved to tears. Laugh, which I take as enjoy life. My parents both died from cancer. My mother had breast cancer, and my father had lung cancer. I watched my mom breath her last breathe. Tomorrow is not promised, so I make it a point to enjoy each day, and see the good in each situation. I spend my money on making memories, versus buying stuff. Think I do this everyday whether it is thinking about the best treatment for my patients, thinking about my next move in my life. Whether it be thinking about my next blog post. Be moved to tears- meaning show emotions. Be happy, be joyous, and sometimes life may make you sad. I wrote a recent blog post ( about love, the biblical definitions. I have taken the risk and fallen in love and had my heart broken a few times, but it is so true “ It is better to have loved and lost than not have loved at all”

In the words of Jimmy Valvano “ If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special”

So I will never give up, never give in. In the words of my Pastor John Hannah “stick with it” You all do the same. I will see you on the pavement.10432484_10152781254319881_8478333666887707212_n

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