My First Love Is Getting Some Competition

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My first love is running. Running means so much to me. It is so much more than exercise. It is a way of life, a release. As I run, I feel the breeze blow against my face. I feel like my cares are going away. Long runs, I have some serious talks with God.  Well, skiing is causing some serious completion with my first love. I have to travel to get to the best snow. So I add another love. I get to see the best scenery  after I ride up the lift chairs to ski down. I have a need for speed, and I can go fast-within reason. I can compete, and actually place- win a award, unlike when I run. Yes, I get a medal for crossing the finish line, but I am too slow to place overall or in my age group. I am good with that, but on ski trips I can.  Running is solo sport, skiing is about the group. I never ski alone, because if something happens I will be struck out there by myself. I also have had a plethora  of injuries from running. I could write a book- I actually have (coming soon).

Ironically my last injury was from a ski incident. I can ski relatively pain free, but it hurts to run. I may have to undergo the knife again. Will update you all. While I am a doctor, and do treat myself sometimes. I am not the most objective,  so I will know the verdict by the end of the week. Either way my Fall Marathon is not looking promising, but will for sure be ready for next ski season. Until next season will cherish the last runs of the season (ski runs that is)

Video From Last Ski Trip

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