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Check out the link above. I had to go through the 10 signs myself. I am always self evaluating. It guess it goes with my profession of being a physician. Well, I have been a little down. Life is rough, and sometimes the pouches hurts, and sting a little bit. I am not depressed. I have been, and been on a couch. There is no shame in that. After my Mom died I had to get some help.

Well, in 2017 I ended a toxic relationship which sometimes lingers. I was still rehabbing for a foot injury that has bothered me over two years. I injured my knee, so I had to be shut down for a few weeks from my love–running. I had to see doctors, which I hate. I know I am one, but being a patient is difficult. I have FEAR (FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL) regarding my running journey. I am scared to run because I am tired of getting hurt. After an injury it is like staring over, and it is hard, not as much fun when starting over. Last weekend I had to real ” Come to Jesus Moment”

I had a super active weekend planned–heaven for me.  Friday night run, Saturday morning run, followed by bike ride. Sunday would end with Susan G Komen a yearly tradition since my mom was diagnosed and eventually passed from breast cancer. Well, Mother’s Day weekend was rough this year. Friday I got a little down. Decided not to run, so could rest for Saturday. Overslept and missed the run and the biking Saturday. So they moved the Susan G Komen race further North. So I woke up Sunday and didn’t feel like driving–well that is what I told myself.  Before it was a10-15 min walk from my house. I could have gone to church, but was not in the mood for that either.I  did stream the service. One of my friends called about watching basketball playoffs so I forced myself to leave the house, although it was half time before I made it.

My mother has been gone for almost 8 years, and mother’s day weekend can be challenging because I so miss her. Also the fact that by now I thought I would be a mother, so I can be down on both fronts.  So lack of interest and isolation  was me last weekend, and the few weekends that I have been back in Chicago. My travels have had me away most of early part of the year. Life is good and everyone goes through ups and down. The key is to not stay in the downs–my faith, family, friends, and my interests keep me from staying there usually.

So I wrote  this post for you to be self-aware and for you to check and love on your friends, family as you never know what people are going through.

Be Blessed!!!

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