Why I Love Running So Much

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So Mother’s Day weekend was a true low for me. My mother passed 8 years ago and each Mother’s Day is different. The first was the worse. I as an annual tradition started running Susan G. Komen, and raising money for the cause. It helped to ease the pain, but this year that wasn’t enough. I did not have the will or desire to get out of bed to run or to go to church.

So last weekend was a make-up. I ran a 5k for Night Nation Run. They support “ Stand Up for Cancer” so I could ran for my Mom and my Dad. He too died of cancer. These were my first races since I injured my knee and sustained a small cartilage injury. Running for a cause has significant meaning for me.

After my Mom was diagnosed with cancer. I signed up the Susan G. Komen fun mile walk/run. After the first year, I said I would run the 5k. So I went to track and starting walk/running. I would walk a lap and run a lap until I worked up to running the 3.2 miles. I started running again, because of her. So it is only fitting that I run in memory/honor of a cause so much greater than me. It gives more purpose to my steps.

It is also so much fun. I love to dress up with numerous outfits, I play instrumental/motivational music. I am always pumped. I high-five the kids, I smile for the camera and always meet new friends along the route. I love it when people come up to me and say that like my spirit, that they paced with me. I feel some way. I helped them in their race.

Running is like a good drug to me. It is therapeutic, and helps me feel free. I would love your help this year as I commit to running my 9th Marathon in New York this Fall. I missed it twice because of previous injuries This year I will commit to slow, steady training, and to listen to my body, doctor (not me) and my physical therapist.    I am running for the American Cancer Society. Please join me along the way.- we keep you all up to date with my progress along the way Also if you could help me meet my fundraising goal I would be forever grateful. I do this not only for my parents, but for all those who have lost someone, those who have fought & continue to fight the battle against evil cancer. Let us together kick cancer’s butt. Together we are stronger.

My Last Awesome Race Weekend

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