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I have a new found respect for Triathletes. I think I am in shape, because I run. But, my hat goes off to those who are in training and have completed any  triathlon especially the  Iron Man. I have been pseudo training. I say pseudo training  because my race is not until next year.  I have to get comfortable enough in the pool before I can race. My task this year is the Duathlon. I have been training a month, and I am worn out. Bike, run, and swim and be good at all three.  Not to mention working a  full time job, and taking care of a family for some.

Today I get up at 4:30 am drive 20 minutes to meet with a group to do a group bike  ride. I rode for 90 min then head home to make an appointment at 9:30 — doctor’s appointment for my yearly physical. I get caught in travel, then my car  stalled for about 5 min in the middle of the street. I was struck with people, honking at me, yelling who know what.  Those 5min felt like an hour. My car finally starts, then  I drive the rest of the way home. I then jet to my appointment with my bike gear. After my appointment I head home change and drive (while deep i prayer) to the hospital perform a surgery. My car stalks again, and again, but I made it on time. Again I pray and pray and drive to my trusted mechanic. Enterprise picks me up for a rental car so I can get around. I stuff my bike  in my economy rental to take it to bike stop so they can check my gears. This morning I was having problem changing to higher gears.  I find out that it was user error. My road bike  is like a new toy. It is so  different from my hybrid. It seems like I go to the bike store about every week to get them to look at something.   I then go to swimming class. It never fails, that once I think I mastered something, my instructors find someone to challenge me. I get ” freaked out” and drink or breathe water which “freaks me out” even more.  I head home to wash my hair and  finish paper work. Oh, by the way I forgot to mention I hit a curve in my car on the way to bike ride this morning , thought I would have a flat, then almost fell twice off my bike. The clips take a minute to get use to, and lost my group.

Ok it is allot, but I am loving it. I worked out , and slept last weekend,  I did make some time to hang out with friends but I biked to and from the event. Movement is really by life, and I would not have it another way.

“Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself” 1 Corinthians 6:19

I listen to Rick Warren’s podcast in the morning. It is part of my devotion. Last week he spoke about working with the hand we are dealt with. He mentioned the above verse. Working out, being health, is not about just looking good. Meaning it is not all about you. I took that to heart, all I do  I do for Christ, it gives me extra motivation on days like today

Be inspired, and move something. Never give up, the journey is worth it.




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