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What is BeautiFitStrong you may ask?

It is my friend and virtual fitness trainer Audra Anusionwu’s business. In 2014 Audra developed a love for lifting weights and decided to attend the National Personal Training Institute in Philadelphia to become a Certified Personal Trainer. In addition to completing her certification Audra began training other woman to help them feel as empowered as she’d felt about changing her body. She not only trained women in the Philadelphia area she also made her services available for people like me who live many miles away.

BFS is a physical fitness and nutritional education business. In addition, its a lifestyle brand for woman and girls that focuses on fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. BFS uses social media outlets and community forums to share information about health and wellness. It encourages and empowers women to push themselves to the limit and step outside of their comfort zone in to order to have a more healthy, fit, and balanced life.

Read more about Audra’s inspiring story

Also please my die hard work out friends please listen to this video and follow Audra;s advice regarding recovery. I have learned the hard way the importance of it.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, as you know I am a runner who cycles, and is trying to master swimming. I also ski. Bottom line is I am an active women,  and several of my friends are the same.  Many of my friends go so hard whether it be running, cycling or skiing, etc but they don’t take time for weight training. Weight training is key for injury prevention. Strengthening the  core, glutes are key in the rehab and prevention of so many injuries. Personally it was for me for my Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis ,and my knee cartilage injury. I was a key component after I had arthroscopic knee surgery. So make time in the schedule for some strength training. It fun, and there are several resources such a Audra. She sends me a personalized plan which takes into account my injuries, history of previous injuries, my various activities and where I am in my training cycle.

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