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I was recently listening to a podcast James Miller Lifeology I will be an upcoming guest on his show, and wanted to listen to the format beforehand. He said the  above quote, and I thought about my life.

Was this me, I am constantly in evaluating myself.  So I did a recap of 2017, to see where I was.  Was I staying where I was tolerated- not just in relationships, but in all areas of my life

  1.  So at the beginning of the year I started the process of letting of a relationship that was no longer good for me. I was tolerated, but not at all celebrated. At first I was, but it changed. It was a hard/long process, but I feel free now..
  2. I decided to master moguls. In the process I hurt my knee which ironically doesn’t bother me when I ski, It however, did interfere with my first love — running. That which doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. I have not mastered them, and am far from it, but I was better at the end of last ski season.
  3. After attending our annual Orthopedic meeting in San Diego, and meeting Dr. Antonio Web who was speaking about his book, Overcoming the Odds. I was inspired to return  home to finish my book. So that is what I did. I finished my books, and it was published in June, and it will be soon to be released August 7th.
  4. I am in the process of overcoming  my fear of water thanks to Maurice Wills the best swimming instructor ever. One day will be able to swim like a fish. Thank to my God son for inspiring me. Tri Life here I come.
  5. Just today, I said no to a car that was nice, and in my budget but was not me. Will wait for the right one.

Weil I am not perfect, but I am a work in progress. I will continue to strive to go where I am celebrating in every area of my life.



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