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india cook
If you run, you’re a runner. One of the  favorite mantras shared by this week’s guest. India Cook started running
Welcome to Season 4 of Running Is Cheaper Than Therapy Podcast. Happy New Year, I pray you all have a
This final episode of season three will be in the series: Ask The Doc. Stay tuned to learn about my
Dominique King  discovered healing through therapy, and running was a vital part of it. Dominque's goal is to reach people
Not everyone runs to lose weight.  Sandra Mikulic is a plus-size runner, mom of 4 who started running at the
Do you believe in divine intervention and that everything happens for a reason ? Today, I welcome Dr. Shannon Goode
My guest Kelsey Scott is a fellow graduate of Florida A&M University, my line sister (we pledged Delta  Fall 93),
Today is a very special day for a number of reasons. It's my anniversary. One year ago today, I launched
Max Fennell is the first African American professional triathlete to earn his pro card. A former soccer player, Max stumbled





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