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Dillon shije
How far would you go to fight for your dreams? For Dillon Shije, running has always been a part of
One of my favorite things to do on this show is share parts of me. Some of my passions, struggles,
Sports Psychology
Alphonso Nathan is a Sports Psychologist with a keen interest in supporting athletes particularly young athletes. He helps individuals deal
James Crumlin
JJames Crumlin is a well-known Nashville employment lawyer co-founder of Capitol Steps Workout in Nashville, Ironman Triathlete, and Triathlete Coach.
Hiking Tips
If you have ever thought about  hiking, this is the episode for you. Heather Diaz shares her passion for hiking
What are  saddle sores?  I'm not talking about a horse in the saddle, I'm talking about an injury or a concern
In this episode, I  talk about mental health. It's okay not to be okay. Initially, I started running to help
⁠Dr. Kuku message in this episode is to listen to your body. If she had not she would no longer
From a very young age, Dayna has suffered from depression from growing up in a predominantly where the European standard
Audra talks in detail of how she started  in fitness and the reason why she built her business, BeautiFitStrong. She





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