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A person who sees obstacles as set-backs or a person who sees it as a necessary route to get to
How does one fall in love with football? Even a female, yes we do watch and know the game. Maybe
"I love running but I have a love-hate relationship with it because when I pick up speed, I get injured
Welcome to the first episode of Running is Cheaper than Therapy! I’m your host  Dr. Ouida Brown, an orthopedic surgeon,
Welcome to the first episode of Running is Cheaper than Therapy! I created this podcast to educate, share my love
October is breast cancer awareness month. NFL players wear pink shoes at least they have in the past. Some cities
August is my month but this year it was actually horrible so I extended my celebration to September to at
I am still processing the loss of Chadwick Boseman. Although I never knew him personally, I feel like I knew
This article is not for the faint at heart but knowledge is power. Don’t be like me. How many people





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